Our Firm

Edmond L. Sugar is an attorney that has been practicing law here in Florida since 1987.  Always representing people in need of help, Edmond has built a practice in the areas of law that deal with the real needs of families.  Not only does he practice bankruptcy law and foreclosure defense law, he is active in real estate law, wills and probate and family Law, including divorce, child custody, support and adoption.  Ed also has extensive experience helping people form companies and advises local businesses on legal matters.  Because Ed believes in resolving differences in a professional and amicable way, he is a Florida State Qualified Arbitrator and Certified Civil Mediator.

Edmond has helped hundreds of families and people just like you to successfully deal with tough financial and legal matters. He gained a reputation working hard to help people find a new financial freedom and new opportunities in these very difficult economic times.

Edmond and his family live right here in our community. Edmond received his undergraduate degree from Nova University in 1983, majoring in business and accounting with a minor in computer
science. In 1987, he obtained his law degree from Nova University School of Law in Ft. Lauderdale, studying real estate, property,
corporate and family law.

Through his extensive knowledge of bankruptcy, foreclosure and property law, Mr. Sugar has focused his efforts on the impact the economy has had on families.  He uses his accounting and financial background as well as his law degree to create powerful yet easy-to-follow strategies for people who are suffering financial hardships.  He has built his reputation by standing up for people and families against all odds, often in court.

Contacting Edmond L. Sugar
was the best decision
we made.